The Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy on Management of Mild Depression


  • Nupur Swarup Department of Nursing, NIMS University, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India



Depression, Hypnotherapy, Treatment


Depressive disorder constitutes a serious problem in the world, though the treatment of it leaves plenty of room for improved approaches. This article endeavors to dispel the myth and misconceptions concerning the use of Hypnosis in the treatment of depression, which can be used in the context of a wide range of therapeutic approach. Research was conducted on 15 depressive patients with mild depression, who were examined, interviewed and administered the therapy of hypnosis. The pre-treatment and post-treatment scores were noted and analyzed. The rate of depression lowered with no side effects. What works for depression of course marks the change in perception and affirmation with hypnotherapy.


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Nupur Swarup. (2021). The Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy on Management of Mild Depression. Asian Pacific Journal of Health Sciences, 8(4), 247–249.