Outcomes of cervical cancer screening at ndola central hospital


  • Samson Mphande The Copperbelt University, School of Medicine, P.O. Box 71191, Ndola, Zambia
  • Victor Mwanakasale The Copperbelt University, School of Medicine, P.O. Box 71191, Ndola, Zambia


cervical cancer; screening; VIA; Cryotherapy; LEEP; Biopsy.


Background: Cervical cancer screening was introduced in 2013 mid-year at Ndola Central Hospital. Although cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among women worldwide, it is the commonest cancer in developing countries where it is closely associated with women of low-to-middle socioeconomic status. Cervical cancer screening results using VIA can either be negative or positive. Methods: The research was a retrospective study conducted at Ndola Central Hospital, Ndola, Zambia. Patient enrolment registers were retrospectively analyzed and 3,433 records were reviewed within the study period 2014-2015.Data was collected as; total enrolled, VIA-DC results, cryotherapy, biopsy and Loop Electrosurgical Excisional Procedure (LEEP). Data analysis was done using SPSS. Results: A total of 3,433 women were screened, 11.3% were VIA-DC-positive out of which, 26.3% were eligible for cryotherapy, 45.4% were scheduled for LEEP, and 20.4% were suspicious for ICC and were referred for biopsy. Over 80% of women screened were in the age group 25-45 years which contributed a big number of VIA-DC-positive screen (58.2%). However, 38.0% women who were referred for biopsy were in the group 40-50years.The overall HIV prevalence in the study was 17.2%.Conclusion: The high rateof VIA-DC-positive screens are suggestive of a high rate of plausible cervical cancer cases later in life. This therefore indicates the need for expansion of cervical cancer screening and prevention programmes throughout the nation. There is also need for increased community sensitization on cervical cancer prevention and adequate treatment of cervical pre-cancerous lesions.


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