Modeling the Determinants of COVID-19 Mortalities in South-East Asia


  • V. Rema Department of Business Analytics and Data Science, Ramaiah Institute of Management, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • K. Sikdar Department of Mathematics, BMS Institute of Technology and Management, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India



Coronavirus disease 2019, Feasible generalized least squares model, Pandemic mortalities, Panel data regression, South-East Asia


Modeling has been used extensively to predict coronavirus disease 2019 cases across different countries. This research provides a zone-wise macro perspective in understanding the determinants of pandemic deaths in select Asian countries. Correlations are established with variables impacting daily deaths, and panel regression analysis is carried out. Comorbid conditions, especially the cardiovascular death rates in the population and existence of diabetes condition do have a significant impact on pandemic death rates. Age is also a determinant of death rates. Countries with lesser comorbid rates in their population with increased access to hospital beds have significantly seen lower death rates. The study aids in decision making, providing a macro perspective on how specific global regions have responded with regard to pandemic deaths.


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V. Rema, & K. Sikdar. (2022). Modeling the Determinants of COVID-19 Mortalities in South-East Asia. Asian Pacific Journal of Health Sciences, 9(1), 158–163.