Prognosis of COVID-19 in Indian Pediatric Population


  • Subhasis Mukherjee Department of Physiology, Santiniketan Medical College, Gobindapur, Bolpur, West Bengal, India
  • Subham Das Department of Pharmacology, IQ City Medical College, Durgapur, West Bengal, India
  • Ayon Mitra Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ICARE Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Haldia, West Bengal, India
  • Kripasindhu Chatterjee Department of Pediatrics, Santiniketan Medical College, Gobindapur, Bolpur, West Bengal, India



Indian pediatric COVID-19, Pediatric COVID-19, Steroids


COVID-19 infection and its various signs and symptoms are still causing significant studies across the world. Although relatively less in prevalence and disease severity, children none the less are also affected by this infection. Most of the research in this regard has been focused on the adults, whereas there is a definite lacuna in the published data in the pediatric COVID-19 cases and its prognosis. India being a large country with significant number of population, which has experienced lot of such cases. The present study aims to explore data from 46 patients <14 years of age with reference to the prognosis of COVID-19 infection done in a semi-urban city in India. The results of this present study concluded that treatment response in children was generally good with oral steroids proving to be beneficial. Children being the most vulnerable section of the community as they are yet to be vaccinated against this new and deadly infection, this study aims to provide valuable insight to the effect of COVID-19 infection in unvaccinated children which also pave the way for further descriptive and elaborate studies to be undertaken on the topic.


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Subhasis Mukherjee, Subham Das, Ayon Mitra, & Kripasindhu Chatterjee. (2022). Prognosis of COVID-19 in Indian Pediatric Population. Asian Pacific Journal of Health Sciences, 9(4), 19–21.

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