Chondrosarcoma radiotherapy with helical delivery and analysis of MR guidance


  • Namita Sabbarwal Government College,Adampur, Hisar, Haryana,India
  • Dr. Suresh Aggarwal Government Hospital,Hisar, Haryana,India
  • Naveen Singh Government Hospital,Hisar, Haryana,India



Chondrosarcoma, MRI, Treatment planning, CT, radiotherapy


Purpose: To screen cell and metabolic qualities of chondrosarcoma of thoracic spine through the span of standard 6 week chemoradiation treatment on helical delivery with compound trade immersion exchange - MRI; and to recognize the most suitable process for CEST could decide consequent restorative reaction. Material and Methods: Twelve patients with recently analyzed chondrosarcoma were selected, and CEST-MRI was obtained promptly previously (Day0), 2 weeks (Day14) and a month (Day28) into treatment, and multi month after the finish of treatment (Day70). A few CEST measurements, including charge exchange proportion and region under the bend of CEST tops relating to atomic Overhauser impact and amide protons (MTRNOE, MTRAmide, CESTNOE, and CEST Amide separately), polarization exchange (MT), and direct water impact were examined. Normal tissue volume with target volume coverage was analyzed with plans yielding mean low dose. Absence of early movement was resolved as no expansion in tumor size or intensifying of clinical side effects as per routine post-chemoradiation serial auxiliary MRI. Results : Changes in MTRNOE (nonprogressors = 1.35 ± 0.18, progressors = 0.97 ± 0.22, P = .006) and MTRAmide (nonprogressors = 1.25 ± 0.17, progressors = 0.99 ± 0.10, P = .017) between pattern (Day0) and Day14 brought about the best detachment of nonprogressors from progressors. Besides, the pattern (Day0) MTRNOE (nonprogressors = 6.5% ± 1.6%, progressors = 9.1% ± 2.1%, P = .015), MTRAmide (nonprogressors = 6.7% ± 1.7%, progressors = 8.9% ± 1.9%, P = .028), MT (nonprogressors = 3.8% ± 0.9%, progressors = 5.4% ± 1.4%, P = .019), and CESTNOE (nonprogressors = 4.1%ċHz ± 1.7%ċHz, progressors = 6.1%ċHz ± 1.9%ċHz, P = .044) could distinguish progressors even before the beginning of the treatment.


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Author Biographies

Namita Sabbarwal, Government College,Adampur, Hisar, Haryana,India

Division of Biophysics, Department of Physics

Dr. Suresh Aggarwal, Government Hospital,Hisar, Haryana,India

Department of Oncology

Naveen Singh, Government Hospital,Hisar, Haryana,India

Department of Oncology




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Namita Sabbarwal, Dr. Suresh Aggarwal, & Naveen Singh. (2018). Chondrosarcoma radiotherapy with helical delivery and analysis of MR guidance. Asian Pacific Journal of Health Sciences, 5(3), 292–299.