Clinical study of ocular injuries in road traffic accidents


  • Dr. Prajwalli Reddy M R Medical college, Gulbarga,Karnataka, India



Ocular trauma, Globe perforation, Blindness, Road traffic accident


Aims and objectives of study: 1. To study the incidence of ocular injuries in vehicular accidents .2.To determine the pattern of clinical presentation of ocular injuries due to vehicular accidents.3.Effective management and final visual prognosis in vehicular ocular injuries. Materials and methods: Patients presenting with history of ocular injuries following vehicular accidents; were selected from the Out-Patient Department of Ophthalmology, Trauma care unit and Casualty, of Basaveshwar Teaching & General Hospital, attached to M.R. Medical College Kalaburagi. Included in this study are 209 patients examined from March 2014 to February 2016. Other cases of ocular injuries other than vehicular injuries are excluded from this study. Results: Out of 209 cases, of vehicular accidents; 130 cases (62.20%) were of 2-wheelers; among which 183 cases (87.55%) were males; in which Right eye was affected in 117 cases (55.98%); affecting ocular and adnexal structures in 115 cases (55.02%); with subconjunctival haemorrhage seen in 132 cases (63.15%); followed by ecchymosis in 126 cases (60.28%); Out of 209 cases; 03 cases (1.4%) were reported to have no PL at presentation due to Globe perforation and all the 03 cases (1.4%) failed to recover even after treatment. Conclusion: On conclusion of this study, it was found that ocular injuries due to vehicular accidents accounted for 7.6% of all injuries of due to vehicular accidents. Most of the injuries involved the ocular adnexa, which while causing a certain degree of cosmetic disfigurement do not have any effect on the final Visual outcome. It was only those injuries which involved the globe (corneo-scleral perforation), which had bad prognosis for the final visual outcome. Effective management will include measures taken to prevent or minimize the ocular involvement in such injuries. Some of the measures that can be suggested are: 1.Using protective device such as seat belts, crash helmet, protective eye-glasses. 2. Raising public awareness of: safe driving and health education through radio, TV and Teachings in school.


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Dr. Prajwalli Reddy, M R Medical college, Gulbarga,Karnataka, India

Assistant Professor




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