Evaluation of Nursing Practice by Using Betty Neuman System Model


  • K. Chitra PhD scholar, Shri Venkateshwara university , Gajraula, Amroha, U.P., India
  • J Manoranjini Indian nursing council, New Delhi, India


Evaluation, Nursing practice, Betty Neumann system Model, Framework, Model.


Evaluation is the rational analysis of the value or good point of a program, school activity or instructional material. The most vital goal of an evaluation is not to confirm, but to get better. Program evaluations provide an occasion for feedback over a span of time that can be used to get better the quality and efficacy of services and activities. clinical evaluation model that is used widely to evaluate nursing practice is Betty Neumann system model. This article attempts to describe the Betty Neumann system model and explains the application of the model in a research project.


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