Argyria: The Blue Skin Rare Disease


  • Kavita Sapra Pt. B D Sharma University of Health Sciences, Rohtak, India
  • Ashu Sapra Rajendra Institute of Technology and Sciences, Sirsa, India



Argyria, silver, blue colour, sun exposure, pigmentation, treatment


There are number of diseases which occur due to metal ingestion and argyria is a disease which occurs due to chronic ingestion of silver in original form or in salt form. In human body small amount of silver is naturally present but as amount increases with time due to ingestion colour of skin changes to blue / grey leading to the disease known as argyria. The disease is diagnosed by biopsy of skin tissue, X- ray examination and obviously physical appearance and its treatment is mainly done by avoiding sun exposure, using various supplements like hydroquinone etc.


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Kavita Sapra, & Ashu Sapra. (2014). Argyria: The Blue Skin Rare Disease. Asian Pacific Journal of Health Sciences, 1(3), 193–196.